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Working Remotely: Is it Right for You?

Working remotely is not necessarily the end of the office culture. When people are working remotely, communication and coordination become more important than ever.

Options for remote working offer businesses a new and fluid alternative to the traditional 9 to 5 workday. Implementing the right technology and communication tools can support remote work and help your business cut costs, improve productivity, and decrease employee turnover.

Reduced Costs

Working remotely can cut several costs associated with business operations. Having fewer workers sitting at their desks for hours a day may reduce costs on rent for office space, utility bills, IT maintenance, and even on office furniture.

Additionally, Cloud-based services or communication platforms will drastically reduce costs for internal IT infrastructure, enabling you to redesign your current operational cost model, or pay only for what you use.

Boost in Productivity

Often, employees achieve more when working remotely. For many people, fewer interruptions occur at home than at the office.
On top of that, employees tend to be more loyal and committed when given the option to work from home. As a result, many businesses can function more quickly and easily by allowing staff to work how they choose. Not only are tasks completed in a timely manner, but studies suggest that a 30% business productivity increase is possible with remote working options.

Go Green

Employees spend hours traveling to and from work daily. Multiply this figure by the millions of people routinely commuting every day and think about the impact it has on the environment through pollution.
Take a moment to glance over your company’s car park and try to imagine what those daily commutes are costing the environment. Even those who are not too concerned about the air they are breathing, pause when thinking about the tax money sought to fight pollution annually.

Doing your share of remote working will allow you and your employees to help the environment, while cutting on their travel expenses. Not only is this good for employee morale, it’s also good for the environment.

Greater Flexibility

Remote working isn’t just designed as “work from home.” Due to the way in which the world is connected today, it means that people can “work from anywhere.”

Having the right resources in place to support your employees will enable them to work responsibly and productively. Staff will even be able to work while having a coffee out using free WiFi connections. Making your workforce more flexible means it will be more effective and innovative. In a world that is constantly changing, this will be of great benefit to any business. Removing process obstacles for your business – past, present and future – by taking advantage of technology that allows your staff to work flexibly.

Happy Staff – Less Turnover

Working remotely can be empowering for employees. While boosting morale, trust, and loyalty to your business, you will also be helping your employees appreciate an improved work-life balance, where they can tailor their work schedule.

Reduced employee turnover saves on resources that would otherwise be used to hire more staff. Employees are happier when they have the option of working remotely. Employees tend to be less likely to leave the company, so that’s another issue taken care of by flexible working.

While working remotely is not the right option for everyone, it’s wise to have this as an option in your business. It promotes trust and demonstrates that you are invested in your workers’ health and happiness. At the same time, they become more invested in the success of a company that demonstrates its respect for them.

And for those who are suited to remote working, they will appreciate the ability to work flexibly and to their full potential. Give us a call to learn more about how your company can get started.

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